Drop-off in Lexington, MA

Fill out the form on projectboom.org/donate if you haven't done so already.

Steps to Complete your Drop-off Donation


  1. Collect the device(s) you are going to donate, including the power adapter(s) if possible.
  2. IMPORTANT: erase all your personal data off the devices. To make sure that we can use the devices we need you to do this go to Data Removal for instructions.
  3. Print out the email sent to you. If you are unable to do so write your name, email, phone number, and donation tag on a piece of paper.

Drop off

  1. Place the device(s) at the front door at 40 Grapevine Ave., Lexington MA 02421 and text (617) 683-1660 that it was dropped off. Please only drop off devices from 8 am to 8 pm and when there is no rain / snow.

Please make sure that the form has been filled out and there is some way to link you to the device you drop off. If you don't, it creates a situation where we have to trace back based on the recently submitted forms which expends an unnecessary amount of time. This can even be resolved by just writing your phone number or email on a piece of paper— anything to connect you to your device. This is an issue that primarily occurs here compared to other locations.