Donating to Project Boom

Details about corporate donations can be found at Large and Corporate Donations.

Payment Card (the best way)

To donate via credit or debit card use the page here. This is the best way to donate. Companies (or if you want a logo displayed) should email


Donations via check can be done by making the check out to "The Hack Foundation" with the memo "Project Boom" (see Example Check image below) and mailing it to:

Project Boom 1661 Massachusetts Ave #265 Lexington, MA 02420 

Please make sure to notify the Project Boom Donations Team ( via email after mailing the check. If an additional memo or some description is needed please write: "To support Project Boom. Project Boom is fiscally sponsored by The Hack Foundation (d.b.a. Hack Club), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the EIN 81-2908499." Questions? Email

Example Check

Example of how a check should be written out.



To donate via ACH email the Project Boom Donations Team ( and we will let you know how to do it.


Donations over $300 are recognized in accordance with our Corporate donation policy: