Mail-in to Cambridge, MA

Fill out the form on if you haven't done so already.

Steps to Complete your Mail-in Donation


  1. Collect the device(s) you are going to donate, including the power adapter(s) if possible.
  2. IMPORTANT: erase all your personal data off the devices. To make sure that we can use the devices we need you to do this go to Data Removal for instructions.
  3. Print out the email sent to you. If you are unable to do so write your name, email, phone number, and donation tag on a piece of paper.


You can get free boxes from most USPS Post Offices and UPS Drop-boxes. Please use a box and packing to ensure that the device(s) don't get damaged in shipping.

Free Packaging can be ordered found at the links below:


Get a shipping label to mail your device. The address to be mailed to is:

Project Boom SMID One Broadway, 14th Floor Cambridge, MA 02142

The address has to be that exactly or the package may not be delivered.

We recomend using USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground labels.

Online websites can often provide labels for cheaper than at the store.

Provided Label

If you need a label provided fill out this form to have one generated and set to you. Donate here to offset our costs.

Package Pickups and Drop-offs

USPS: Free Pickup / Drop-off FedEx: Free Pickup / Drop-off UPS: Pickup / Drop-off

Most carriers will also pickup packages when delivering.